Give the Gift of Prep Dish



Looking for the perfect gift?

Give you special someone the gift of stress-free meals.

1) You buy the gift plan.

2) You receive & then forward an email with a link to initiate the meal plans.

3) Recipient enjoys stress-free, yummy, and healthy meals! Maybe you will get invited to dinner, too. 🙂

Note- Our gift purchases are one-time purchases and do NOT auto-renew.

1 Month ($14 for 1 month of meal plans)  

1 Year ($99 for an entire year of meal plans)

1 Year Premium ($149 for an entire year of meal plans + access to archives + bonus content)

Visit for a full comparison of the 3 options

Includes gluten-free, dairy-free & Paleo meal plans. 

Looking to subscribe yourself?

Visit for subscription options!

Learn more about Prep Dish meal plans.   |  Learn how the Prep Dish meal plans work.


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