Fall Into Health Challenge Complete

Congratulations on completing the Prep Dish Fall Into Health Challenge!
*You have been entered to win the free membership or free groceries.*
We will announce the winners on Monday, October 3rd.

And don't forget…

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I very rarely offer 50% off of the yearly subscriptions and they are usually limited to new subscribers only, but this is open to anyone that participated in the challenge, even if you are already a subscriber.

50% off the Premium Subscription = $1.43/ week
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If you are an existing subscriber, email Holly ([email protected]) and she will credit your account any existing balance. So even if you already have a yearly or monthly subscription, you won't “lose” any $ already invested into a subscription ;).

– All subscriptions renew at the full rate. You may cancel at anytime.
– This offer expires on Tuesday October 4 at midnight CST.
– Only Challenge participants may take advantage of this offer.
– If you win the Giveaway (above) we will refund you purchase.
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