Amazon Order – September 2018 21-Day Challenge

The below items are recommended kitchen tools for use in the January 2018 Prep Dish Challenge. All links are directed to Amazon for your convenience.


If you're new to Prep Dish, you'll likely need to stock on nice glass storage containers to keep your meal prep fresh!  I love the rectangle Glasslock containers, I'd stock up on several of these and/or just buy 4-6 of these large containers (I have a mix of small & large but definitely use more large-sized containers). Once you have your containers, I have a video on how to organize them or check out this system!

re-usable glass containers


If you buy nothing else, I highly recommend buying a set of labels to use for leftovers meal portions you'll be storing in the freezer.






Quality Chef's KnifeLarch Bamboo Cutting Board

This duo is a must to keep Prep Day quick!






Meat Thermometer

The only way to know for sure your chicken (pork, turkey, etc.) is cooked through!

Food Processor (for shredding cabbage, making cauliflower rice & almond butter cookies)

A good food processor can make things like shredding & chopping a breeze. This is the model I've used for years.


Slow Cooker

If you don't have a slow cooker, here's one I recommend. The Pork with Mojo Sauce can easily be prepared in a slow cooker (and limit the time you are in the kitchen for prep day).

Crockpot / Slowcooker



Use this tool for easy lasagna “noodles” using zucchini & eggplant.







To easily zest citrus, I love using my microplane.  Quick and easy!


To optimize your citrus juice (and make your life easier), I recommend a hand juicer. And it keeps the seeds out too!

Muffin Tin (standard or silicone)

A staple in my kitchen is a muffin tin. This tool will allow you to portion out the frittatas for a quick grab and go in the morning.  For the standard, the parchment liners below make clean-up a breeze.

Parchment Muffin Liners

These muffin liners are my favorite! Helps evenly cook and you can use them for the frittatas and muffins in the challenge.

Some other favorites of mine include:


If you're on the Whole 30, you'll want this spiralizer to make veggie noodles. (bonus, it's under $20 and my favorite model)

Rice Maker

This doesn't apply to my Paleo or Whole 30 friends, but everyone else, if you are not using a rice cooker, this is a MUST-Buy for you! Before using a rice cooker, I used to burn my rice all.the.time. Seriously, these machines make it fool proof.  It also works great for quinoa. This challenge doesn't call for rice specifically, but you may find you make some to have as an additional side.

Just like with the crockpot, I prefer to the manual off/ on switch vs the digital versions and again, much cheaper that way! Make sure you get a stainless steel version vs non-stick to avoid harmful chemicals found in non-stick/ teflon.


If you're looking for additional knife recommendations, check out this post.

If you're looking for additional cutting board recommendations, check out this post.



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